I’m sure you found this page, either as  a referral or randomly as you are doing research on your wedding or another important event in your life… And you might be asking yourself, who is this guy and why is he here?

Here’s the scoop… My name is Zac Campbell. I’m a chef, a wedding and event planner, former interior design and a lover of living life out loud. I’ve produced upward of 300 weddings and events all over the world.  I’ve had the privledge to cook for Rock Stars, Royals, and Regular Joes and Janes. I’ve lived life with passion. I’ve hit hard times and I’ve celebrated the good times. I’ve been engaged twice and married once. Not only have I created beautiful events for other people, I have also created my own “BIG DAY”!

Why have I flipped my business model upside down and inside out? Well here’s the thing… The weddings I have produced and the homes I have designed were all amazing projects. The best part was that not only

was the work fun, exciting and rewarding, I also made a lot of money doing it. Spending your hard earned money on a living space that supports you and helps you grow is one thing. It’s a whole other kettle of fish to spend a ton of money on one single day. YES, your wedding day is a very important day. Personally it was one of the most memorable days of my life.

The issue I kept bumping up against is this…someone mentions the word wedding and suddenly, for many people, all sense of reality and what is right seems to go out the window. Normal, sensible  people suddenly become kings and queens of fantasy worlds, losing all sense of reality. I had two specific situations where clients got themselves into so much debt, created so much insanity with groomzilla and bridezilla moments that their marriages didn’t last a year! I felt as if I was contributing to this insanity. This combined with the economic downturn had me close my wedding,  event planning and catering company in Mexico.